AES Detector v1.0.7 released with 2KM detection

Dear All AES Detector Users,

Finally AES Detector v1.0.7 manage to detect camera within 2KM. It was a great news for those who are waiting for this features.
Here are the changes for v1.0.7 :

- 2KM detection for Speed Camera
- 800M detection for Traffic Light Camera
- Auto turn on your phone value up to 80%
- Change icon to differentiate camera type
- Disabled count down alert for inactive camera
- Tentative disable beep sound (running background)

*For professional drivers (> 1xx km/h), you may try this version. This system should work a little bit smarter than earlier version. Hope the system can alerts you on time.

Thanks for all your great support, hope the system can assists all of you.
Here are the icons you will see in version 1.0.7:
Traffic Light Camera Icon
Speed Camera Icon

Here are the screenshot for inactive camera :

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