AES FOR MOYORCYCLES: M-cyclists should register, too

THE Automated Enforcement System (AES) has, in many ways, helped curtail delinquency and dangerous driving in the country. Many motorists dread being dragged to court over summonses issued by the AES.

Unfortunately, the AES seems to be restricted to only four or more wheeled vehicle owners.
The same cannot be said of motorcyclists, who more often than not cross speed limits and ride dangerously, sometimes causing fatal accidents.

I would suggest a way to prevent this from continuing.
The authorities can request motorcyclists to swipe their MyKad at the entry point of a major city or highway so that their details are registered with the relevant department.

This way, their identity and motorcycle would also be recorded by the closed-circuit television cameras installed at these points.

This measure is the only way for the AES to nab errant motorcyclists.

This system will also prevent the motorcyclists from using stolen machines or riding without a driver's licence.
Furthermore, if they are delinquent and cause a traffic accident, their identities can be easily traced.

It will also result in a change of attitude among motorcyclists as they will behave better, not over-speed or show their antics on public roads.

This registration system will make the AES, which had long been introduced in other countries, the most effective system in the world.

Malaysia can fine-tune the AES and introduce it to other countries.

It will not be expensive. It will work much like the automotive Immigration registration system that is being used at the airports in the country.

It is unmanned, but effective in cutting queue time for passengers.

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