First Batch of AES offenders in Perak Present on Court but No Court Case Registered

(Taiping, 24Dec2012) Attorney General has announced deferrable mention controlled automatic enforcement system (AES) offenders, but offenders summoned to court surface to control the the Perak State first automated law enforcement system by this morning and still came court, and leave after the court told yet received JPJ to register the case.
It is understood that the Perak state issued about 2,500 summonses violation owners by summoned to appear in court today, CD Taiping court morning session only about 50-60 owners of the arrival of the court, after the Department of Transportation officials informed need not appear in court, and leave.
JPJ staff this morning in the courtroom peripherals counter to the arrival of the court ready to face controlling owners said the case is no trial can leave, In addition, the court staff also assist the next explain.
Department of Transportation staff by the advisory said, it is not clear what reasons the case is not trial, saying only that is received on top of instructions to perform tasks.
Islamic Party, anti-secretly prosecuted Campaign Committee (KASE) lawyers lawyer Aspen Chamonix by the advisory said to him this morning on behalf of the accused in court challenges, however, has informed the court the prosecution has not received the registered cases, so that can not be a case.
Itself on behalf of five owners were 3 men and 2 women, 1 ethnic Chinese and four witch descent, ethnic Chinese from Taiping, the rest from outstation as Penang, he said.
He said, he's next on behalf of the 34 cases owners to court on January 7 next year, in addition to the five people today, there are 15.
In addition, to prepare the owners to court challenging the summons legitimacy, many from outstation in court but unfortunately they have complained Baipaoyitang more shelling of the Ministry of Communications, the leader of the NLD Members of Parliament for their sites a waste of resources.
Court staff by the advisory said, emerged in the morning session crowd of about 50-60 people, but whether the remaining owners will be coming out of the court is not learned.
Some owners from the outer slope, specifically leave there with family members together, the results did not trial, Baipaoyitang, have poured out their grievances. The presence of those who think that if the authorities did not bring the case to bring to court, prior notice to the owner.
It is understood that the original owners A total of 2,500 summonses by summoned to court next January 7 next year, up to 13,000 summonses by subpoena.
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