No escape for errant foreign motorists beware

FACE THE MUSIC: RTD system to be in place by 2014

KUALA LUMPUR: FOREIGNERS who commit traffic offences in Malaysia will not be able to escape paying fines much longer. They will have to settle their summonses as they exit the country.

This will be made possible by the implementation of the Road Transport Department's (RTD) Automatic Vehicle Screening System (AVSS) in 18 months.

The new system, under the Automated Enforcement System (AES), will be used to collect and store data on foreign travellers who enter Malaysia using private vehicles.

RTD AES section chief, Abdullah Hashim said the system was to ensure that anyone who broke our traffic laws, would have face the consequences.

"Their vehicles will be registered when they enter Malaysia. When they are about to leave, they will be screened for traffic offences at the border.

"Offenders will be made to pay the RM300 standard fine for each traffic summons issued, and only then will they be allowed to leave Malaysia," Abdullah told the New Straits Times when met at the AES Region A control centre yesterday.

The AVSS would be implemented in the AES' final phase of implementation. By then, 831 cameras would have been set up nationwide to nab those who go over the speed limit or beat the red light at traffic junctions.
He said that later, motorists would be penalised for other traffic offences, such as driving without safety belts, driving while talking on the handphone and overtaking on the emergency lane.

Meanwhile, Perak state Infrastructure, Public Utilities, Energy and Water Committee chairman Datuk Ramly Zahari who was present at the AES control centre, said he was proud that Perak was involved in the AES pilot project.

"Now that we have seven AES cameras in Perak, there are fewer people disobeying the traffic rules.

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