AES FOR MOYORCYCLES: M-cyclists should register, too

THE Automated Enforcement System (AES) has, in many ways, helped curtail delinquency and dangerous driving in the country. Many motorists dread being dragged to court over summonses issued by the AES.

Unfortunately, the AES seems to be restricted to only four or more wheeled vehicle owners.
The same cannot be said of motorcyclists, who more often than not cross speed limits and ride dangerously, sometimes causing fatal accidents.

I would suggest a way to prevent this from continuing.
The authorities can request motorcyclists to swipe their MyKad at the entry point of a major city or highway so that their details are registered with the relevant department.

This way, their identity and motorcycle would also be recorded by the closed-circuit television cameras installed at these points.

This measure is the only way for the AES to nab errant motorcyclists.

This system will also prevent the motorcyclists from using stolen machines or riding without a driver's licence.
Furthermore, if they are delinquent and cause a traffic accident, their identities can be easily traced.

It will also result in a change of attitude among motorcyclists as they will behave better, not over-speed or show their antics on public roads.

This registration system will make the AES, which had long been introduced in other countries, the most effective system in the world.

Malaysia can fine-tune the AES and introduce it to other countries.

It will not be expensive. It will work much like the automotive Immigration registration system that is being used at the airports in the country.

It is unmanned, but effective in cutting queue time for passengers.

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AES Tujuan Menyelamat Bukan Menghukum

Sistem Penguatkuasaan Automatik (AES)adalah merupakan salah satu daripada usaha pihak kerajaan dalam mengurangkan kesalahan lalu lintas di samping mendidik pemanduan berhemah di kalangan warganegara Malaysia. Rata-ratanya sering mempersoalkan keberkesanan sistem baru ini dan adakah ia relevan dilaksanakan dalam masa sekarang. Untuk menjawab persoalan tersebut kita boleh melihat keberkesanan AES ini di beberapa buah negara maju seperti Perancis dan Jerman. Misalnya di Perancis sistem ini telah dapat mengurangkan kadar kemalangan jalan raya sebanyak 27 peratus setelah tiga tahun perlaksanaannya. Begitu juga dengan negara Jerman di mana peratusan pematuhan jalan raya meningkat sehingga 80 peratus. Keadaan ini memperlihatkan kesan yang baik selepas penggunaan sistem ini.

Berdasarkan statistik Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) pada tahun 2011 sebanyak 450, 000 kes kemalangan yang telah berlaku di negara ini yang mana sebanyak 6,877 kes melibatkan kematian. Ini adalah merupakan jumlah kes kemalangan dan kadar kematian yang tinggi akibat daripada kemalangan jalan raya. Oleh demikian, pelaksanaan AES dilihat perlu dilakukan supaya pengguna jalan raya akan lebih berhati-hati dan akan di denda sekiranya melakukan kesalahan undang-undang keselamatan jalan raya demi keselamatan diri dan pengguna yang lain.

Kemalangan maut yang sering berlaku akibat memandu terlalu laju adalah merupakan salah satu daripada punca kemalangan di Malaysia. Justeru itu, dengan AES ini terbukti dapat mencegah tabiat memandu laju di kalangan pengguna jalan raya kerana kadar denda yang dikenakan RM300 setiap satu kesalahan tanpa ada rayuan pengurangan. Keadaan ini bukanlah memperlihatkan pihak kerajaan zalim atau menghukum pengguna jalan raya dengan denda yang tinggi tetapi dengan denda yang sedemikian, ia dapat membentuk pematuhan pemanduan berhemah dalam jangka masa panjang di negara ini.

Selain itu, kos pemasangan yang tinggi sebanyak RM717 juta sering kali menjadi persoalan kepada banyak pihak. Kos sebanyak ini bukanlah hanya tertumpu pada harga kamera dan pemasangan Sistem AES tersebut tetapi, ia melibatkan kos penyelenggaraan, baik pulih dan kerosakan-kerosakan lain. Sebagai contoh dalam insiden di mana Kamera AES ini telah dirempuh dan mengalami kerosakan dan yang terbaru kejadian di Selangor di mana kamera AES telah disimbah dengan cat merah. Keadaan ini juga meliputi sebagaian kos penyelenggaraan yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh syarikat yang berkenaan.

Bagi fasa pertama kamera AES ini telah beroperasi di 14 lokasi kawasan-kawasan yang mana mempunyai kadar kemalangan yang tinggi dan bertujuan untuk menggurangkan kemalangan supaya pengguna jalan raya akan lebih berhati-hati dan mematuhi peraturan had laju yang di tetapkan. Selain itu, papan tanda amaran zon operasi kamera juga diletakkan dua atau tiga kilometer sebelum ke lokasi kamera bagi mengelakkan penganiayaan terhadap pemandu dan pengguna jalan raya yang lain. Dengan peringatan yang diletakkan itu akan mengingatkan pemandu bahawa mereka sedang memasuki zon AES dan perlu berhati-hati dan mematuhi peraturan yang ditetapkan.

Kesimpulanya, langkah yang dilakukan oleh pihak kerajaan untuk melaksanakan sistem AES ini dilihat sangat baik dalam mendidik pemanduan yang berhemah di negara Malaysia. Kesan jangka masa pendek akan memperlihatkan pemandu berhati-hati untuk mengelakkan saman manakala kesan jangka masa panjang pula pengguna jalan raya akan mempunyai nilai pemanduan yang berhemah kerana ia telah diterapkan ke dalam diri setiap pengguna jalan raya dan kadar kemalangan jalan raya akan dapat dikurangkan.

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First Batch of AES offenders in Perak Present on Court but No Court Case Registered

(Taiping, 24Dec2012) Attorney General has announced deferrable mention controlled automatic enforcement system (AES) offenders, but offenders summoned to court surface to control the the Perak State first automated law enforcement system by this morning and still came court, and leave after the court told yet received JPJ to register the case.
It is understood that the Perak state issued about 2,500 summonses violation owners by summoned to appear in court today, CD Taiping court morning session only about 50-60 owners of the arrival of the court, after the Department of Transportation officials informed need not appear in court, and leave.
JPJ staff this morning in the courtroom peripherals counter to the arrival of the court ready to face controlling owners said the case is no trial can leave, In addition, the court staff also assist the next explain.
Department of Transportation staff by the advisory said, it is not clear what reasons the case is not trial, saying only that is received on top of instructions to perform tasks.
Islamic Party, anti-secretly prosecuted Campaign Committee (KASE) lawyers lawyer Aspen Chamonix by the advisory said to him this morning on behalf of the accused in court challenges, however, has informed the court the prosecution has not received the registered cases, so that can not be a case.
Itself on behalf of five owners were 3 men and 2 women, 1 ethnic Chinese and four witch descent, ethnic Chinese from Taiping, the rest from outstation as Penang, he said.
He said, he's next on behalf of the 34 cases owners to court on January 7 next year, in addition to the five people today, there are 15.
In addition, to prepare the owners to court challenging the summons legitimacy, many from outstation in court but unfortunately they have complained Baipaoyitang more shelling of the Ministry of Communications, the leader of the NLD Members of Parliament for their sites a waste of resources.
Court staff by the advisory said, emerged in the morning session crowd of about 50-60 people, but whether the remaining owners will be coming out of the court is not learned.
Some owners from the outer slope, specifically leave there with family members together, the results did not trial, Baipaoyitang, have poured out their grievances. The presence of those who think that if the authorities did not bring the case to bring to court, prior notice to the owner.
It is understood that the original owners A total of 2,500 summonses by summoned to court next January 7 next year, up to 13,000 summonses by subpoena.
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AES Camera Jalan Ipoh - Kuala Kangsar has been cleaned

AES in perak KM26 Jalan IPoh - Kuala Kangsar has been cleaned on 25 Dec 2012.

Another AES has been sprayed with black pain

(Perak , 23 Dec 2012) Another Automatic Enforcement System (AES) camera has been sprayed with black pain.
This camera is location at KM 26 Jalan Ipoh - Kuala Kangsar.
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AES firm gets leave to challenge council

KUALA LUMPUR: A company awarded the Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras contract has obtained leave from the High Court here to challenge a decision by the Sepang City Council to demolish two AES cameras pillars on two highways.

High Court judge Justice Zaleha Yusof granted leave for a judicial review in chambers in the presence of lawyers Alex de Silva and Fiona Bodipalar who represented Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd, and M. Indrani and K. Kandiah, who represented the council.

Justice Zaleha granted an order for the council not to take any action to demolish or cover the AES cameras until the end of the matter, which the council agreed to.

The court fixed Feb 6 next year for case management.
Beta Tegap, one of two companies awarded the AES contract, is seeking an order of certiorari to quash a council decision made on Nov 19, ruling it had to have planning permission to install the two cameras and pillars.

One AES camera is located at KM301.7 of the North-South Highway (PLUS) heading to Kuala Lumpur while the other is at KM6.6 of the South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) heading to Kajang.

Beta Tegap filed a motion seeking leave for judicial review on Dec 12.

It is also seeking an order quashing a council decision made on Dec 6, ruling that it had committed an offence under the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 by installing the AES cameras without permission, and had 14 days to demolish the pillars and remove the cameras.

The company is also seeking a declaration that the council has no jurisdiction over the PLUS and SKVE highways, which it claims are under the authority of the Malaysian Highway Authority, and costs.

Source From : The Star

AES system won't be scrapped despite freeze

NOT A SCHEME TO MAKE MONEY: Cabinet to look into results of study by A-G's Chambers and RTD on all issues

KUALA LUMPUR: THE cabinet has directed the Attorney-General's Chambers   and the Road Transport Department   to thoroughly address all issues surrounding the Automated Enforcement System (AES).
Top in the list of priorities for the two parties are:
TO ensure that measures put in place are in the spirit of protecting the people's interests;
TO ensure that nobody is victimised; and,
TO ensure that there will be no legal backlash in its implementation.

Sources said the directive followed Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail's briefing to the cabinet on contentious issues related to AES and the chamber's decision on Tuesday to freeze all court proceedings on summonses under the system.

Gani, in his statement on the freeze, had said the decision stemmed from concerns over matters related to "law and other technicalities" and they had to address them, with a decision to be made "within the next few days". But he maintained that summonses issued by RTD were valid.

A source said the chambers and RTD were also told to ensure that the people fully understood how the system worked.

"There have been a lot of misconceptions on how AES works as several parties have been politicising the issue.

"Many do not know that while the enforcement system was privatised to save the government from incurring costs, the decision to proceed with summonses lies solely with RTD and no one else.

"It is not a money-making mechanism but a system to promote a safer driving habit among Malaysians.

"Most people, including law-abiding drivers and those whose families and friends have died due to reckless driving, all support this system," said the source, adding that the cabinet had not set any deadline for the chambers and RTD to address all issues.

On talk that the AES system would be scrapped, another source said this would not happen.
"The fact is that this system is used by 90 countries and they have seen positive results from its implementation.

"At the end of the day, everyone wants Malaysian roads to be safe, at least for the sake of their loved ones. So, why resist the very move that could help us get there?"

The cabinet, the source said, would look at the result of the study by the chambers and RTD into various issues before deciding on the next course of action. Among the issues discussed was the enforcement side.

Under the project, 831 AES cameras would be set up all over the country in stages. Fourteen such cameras have been operational since Sept 23. They are located in hot spots or accident-prone areas in the Klang Valley and Perak.

The implementation of the system had drawn mixed reactions, with one party supporting the effort to reduce accidents and fatalities, and the other against it.

The number of traffic offences committed at the 14 locations has plunged drastically since the day the cameras were set up.

Source From: New Straits Times

Freeze on AES court cases

PUTRAJAYA: The Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) has freezed all court proceedings related to summonses issued under the Automated Enforce-ment System (AES).
This is to allow time for the Chambers to study legal concerns that were raised in these cases, it said in a statement yesterday.
Nevertheless, it maintained that the AES summonses issued by the Road Transport Department were valid.
“However, in view of the concerns expressed by certain quarters on the law and other technicalities, the AGC has decided to look into this matter and directed that all proceedings be withheld until the concerns have been addressed.
“A decision will be made within the next few days on the above mentioned issues,” the statement added.
In respect of the four AES summons cases that have been discharged not amounting to an acquittal, the AGC said they would be re-studied and re-registered if they warranted any prosecution.
In KUALA LUMPUR, two AES cases at the Traffic Court were adjourned at the request of a deputy public prosecutor.
DPP K. Vasugi asked for a month's postponement when the summons cases against Henny Suraini Yaakob and taxi driver Mohd Ridzuan Yusof came up for mention yesterday.
Lawyer Zulhazmi Shariff said Vasugi had told magistrate Noora-syikin Sahat the prosecution wanted to apply for a postponement of their cases on grounds that the documents were not ready.
“She (the DPP) said the officer who prepared the documents was not around.
“Today, I am supposed to get documents from the JPJ (Road Transport Department) to prepare for their trial,” said Zulhazmi, whose clients had on Dec 4 claimed trial to beating the red light at the Jalan Klang Lama-Jalan Sepadu junction.
The magistrate set Jan 18 for mention.
He said his colleague, lawyer Azmi Zakaria, had gone to Putrajaya court for a similar AES case for a client who allegedly beat the red light in Lebuh Sentosa road.
“The prosecutor asked for a postponement but Azmi objected, saying the case was not read in court.
“Azmi applied for our client to be released. The court granted a discharge not amounting to an acquittal,” Zulhazmi added.
Sources said that those summoned in AES cases to the Jalan Duta traffic court were asked to go home without their cases being heard.
“They came to the registration counter and were told to go home,” a source said.

Source From : The Star

A-G freezes all court proceedings related to AES summonses

PUTRAJAYA: The Attorney General Chamber's (AGC) has decided to freeze all court proceedings related to summonses issued under the Automated Enforcement System (AES).

This is to allow time for the AGC to study legal concerns that were raised in these cases.

“In view of the concerns made by certain quarters on the law and other technicalities, the AGC has decided to look into this matter and directed that all proceedings are to be withheld until the concerns have been addressed.

“A decision will be made within the next few days on the above-mentioned issues,” the AGC said in a statement Tuesday.

The statement, however, added that the AES summonses issued by the Road Transport Department were still valid.

“In respect of the four AES summons cases that have been discharged not amounting to an acquittal, the AGC will re-study them and will be re-registered if they warrant any prosecution,” it added.

Source From : The Star

AES proceedings suspended

KUALA LUMPUR: The Attorney-General's Chambers has directed all proceedings against individuals charged with Automated Enforcement System (AES) offences to be withheld for the time being.

  Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail said the move stems from concern over “the law and other technicalities” related to the system.

  In a brief press statement yesterday, Abdul Gani said:
  “AES summonses issued by the Road Transport department (RTD) are valid summonses.

  “However, in view of the concerns made by certain quarters on the law and other technicalities, the AG’s chambers has decided to look into this matter and directed all proceedings are to be withheld until the concerns have been addressed.”

  “A decision will be made within the next few days,” read the statement.

  On cases which had been awarded a discharge not amounting to an acquittal, Abdul Gani said such cases will be “restudied” and reregistered if they warrant any prosecution.

  Meanwhile, AES cases at the traffic court here were postponed following application by the prosecution.

  Deputy public prosecutor K. Vasugi asked for a month long postponement when the summons charges against Henny Suryani Yacub and taxi driver Mohd Redzuan Mohd Yusoff were called.

  The two had pleaded not guilty to running the traffic light at Jalan Klang-Lama-Jalan Sepadu when they were summoned in court on Dec 4.

  Upon Vasugi’s application, magistrate Noorasyikin Sahat questioned the reason for the postponement request.

  Vasugi responded that there were not enough officers.

  The magistrate then asked defence counsel Zulhazmi Shariff if he had any objection to the application for more time, to which he said he did not.

  The court then fixed Jan 18 for next mention.

  Outside court, Zulhazmi told reporters that he was surprised that the prosecution had asked for a postponement.

  “I thought the Road Transport Department director-general said that the AES was all automatic and everything was to run smoothly. Now they come here and say there are not enough officers,” he lamented.

  When asked why he did not object to the postponement application, the lawyer said “ Let’s see, I have four cases for mention on Wednesday. I might object then, depending on what reasons they give the court,” he added.

  It is also learnt that those who were summoned in court for the first time yesterday for their AES cases were also told to go home without their cases being heard.

  However, motorists have been advised to pay their summonses at any Road Transport Department (RTD) branches as usual despite the adjournment of cases in courts.

  An RTD spokesman said the department had no say over the court postponements.

  Meanwhile, Pas vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar claimed that JPJ prosecuting officers had also collected AES summonses from a group of offenders at the magistrate’s court in Jalan Duta on Monday.

  “The officer then asked them to leave without providing any explanation. The offenders did not enter court and their cases were not mentioned,” he told reporters during a press conference here.

  The Pokok Sena member of parliament also said the Putrajaya Magistrate’s Court had granted a discharge, not amounting to an acquittal (DNAA), to at least 4 AES offenders yesterday.

  “The deputy public prosecutor there requested the offenders to be let go as the RTD did not have the necessary documents to prosecute them, citing a “technical problem”,” he said.

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10,000 motorists settle AES fines

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 10,000 out of 274,000 motorists have settled their Automated Enforcement System (AES) summonses since the system was implemented on Sept 23.

Road Transport Department deputy director-general Datuk Ismail Ahmad said the payment rate was still low when compared with the number of summonses issued.

"Motorists must understand that the AES is not implemented to burden them, but is a method to reduce road accidents," he said after launching a Road Safety Awareness Campaign organised by the Consumers Protection and Welfare Board at the Sungai Besi Toll Plaza here.

Ismail said various challenges were faced by enforcement agencies in reducing road accidents, especially fatalities, such as the increase in the number of vehicles and drivers each year.

He said the country experienced an increase of about 1.1 million vehicles a year and an additional 400,000 drivers, which posed a challenge to the department and other enforcement agencies in reducing fatalities.

"Actually, the increase in the number of vehicles and drivers is not a problem. What's important is that motorists have self-awareness and take the initiative to reduce road deaths." Bernama

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Pahang RTD launches statewide AES briefing

Kuantan, Dec 14: The Road Transport Department (RTD) will be holding briefing sessions on the implementation of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) in all districts throughout Pahang to provide in-depth understanding of the system.
Pahang RTD Director, Datuk Zakaria Man said the briefing session was required considering the negative perception on the system.
“With the briefing session held throughout the state, I am confident the people would understand the importance of AES and accept its implementation,” he told reporters after attending the first AES briefing session here today.
He said RTD had identified 59 locations to install AES in Pahang in which seven were at traffic lights and 52 for speed limit.
He said among the locations were Kilometer 50 of Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman, KM28 of Jalan Temerloh-Bahau, KM 345 Jalan Raub-Kuala Lipis, KM 35 Jalan Lipis-Merapoh and KM 99 Jalan Kuantan-Segamat.
Other locations, he said were KM 113 Jalan Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur, KM 3 Jalan Kuantan-Maran, KM 60 Jalan Pekan-Nenasi-Rompin, Jalan Karak to Kuala Pilah and Jalan Perkampungan Felda Triang 1.
According to Zakaria, the AES unit however will be moved to another location if the accident rate in the original spot was under control, depending on the decision of the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros).
The briefing session was attended by 150 participants comprising representatives of government and private sectors and non-governmental organisations. – BERNAMA
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AES cameras to be installed at 21 locations in Sabah

TAWAU: The Road Transport Department (RTD) is mulling plans to introduce a microchip-based enhanced driving licence in future for the convenience of all motorists, said Mohd Shuhaili Mohd Taufek, Sabah
Road Transport Department director.

Shuhaili said it is a customer-oriented suggestion that had yet to be finalised as the department is still conducting studies on the matter taking into consideration the plan and design capability to include a variety of other functional applications for the microchip-based enhanced driving licence.

Other matters to be considered would be the resources needed and the mode of implementation prior to its launch.
It is envisaged that the microchip-based enhanced driving licence kiosks could be placed at certain identified locations such as banks and supermarkets where it could provide a variety of functional applications and services to motorists round the clock and thus, could be availed of at any time.

In effect, motorists could renew their microchip-based enhanced driving licence using the kiosks after normal office hours.

He disclosed this to the media after giving a talk on the Automated Enforcement System (AES) to the staff, driving instructors and government agencies at the Institute Memandu Cemerlang (IMC), Jalan Damai here yesterday morning.
IMC has attained an International Standards Organisation (ISO 9001:2008) certification in Malaysia recently and is recognised as a five-star driving institute in the East Coast of Sabah.

“AES cameras to detect speeding would soon be placed at 21 identified locations throughout Sabah where 11 of it would be installed at traffic lights junctions. It is being implemented in Sabah after West Malaysia.

“In Tawau, one AES camera would be placed at KM 16, Batu 11, Apas road, KM 31, Kunak (1 AES), Lahad Datu (3 AES), Kinabatangan (2 AES), Sandakan (2 AES), Ranau (1 AES), Kota Kinabalu (9 AES), Papar (1 AES) and Labuan (6 AES).

“In addition 11 AES cameras would be installed at traffic lights junctions in Kota Kinabalu and seven AES cameras in Labuan. A signboard notifying the presence of AES cameras would be placed about two to three kilometers before the identified location where the AES camera would be placed. The public can lodge a complaint to the Road Transport Department if no any signal notification signboard is placed at the designated points,” Shuhaili pointed out.

According to him, the installation of the AES cameras would benefit the people through reduction in the number of accident and death as well as combating corruption. He urged the people not to be confused and think that the government is penalizing the people through this system when it actually could benefit the road users.

He hoped the people will show their commitment with the installation of the AES and continue to obey the stated traffic regulations.

Meanwhile, four plans (4Es) would be implemented for the attention of road users, which are Enforcement, Education, Environment and Engineering.

In the meantime, Shuhaili has assured all driving institutes throughout the State that they would be able to improve their services according to the current developments and the local situation. He hoped the driving institutes will update their renewable driving syllabus involving AES and Automatic drive modules. He understands the renewable driving syllabus is still being drafted now.

There have 21 driving institutes in Sabah and Labuan while another three are being set up in Pitas, Tuaran and Semporna making up a total of 24 driving institutes.

Shuhaili hoped every district would have a driving institute to provide convenience to the people.
Further talks on the AES would be conducted in Labuan on Dec 27, Kota Kinabalu (Jan 17), Tawau (Jan 31), Sandakan (February 7), Lahad Datu (Feb 21), as and Kota Kinabalu (Feb 28).

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7 Pahang towns and 59 location to get AES

KUANTAN: Out of the 59 locations identified by the Road Transport Department (RTD) as suitable for Automatic Enforcement System (AES) cameras, seven are major towns in Pahang.

Pahang Housing and Transport Committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sofi Razak said the installation would be done in stages starting early next year.
"The selection of the locations was made based on traffic accident statistics obtained from RTD and the police," he said in reply to a question by Leong Ngah Ngah (DAP-Triang) at the state assembly.
However, he said the final decision on the selection of locations would be made based on need.
State RTD director Datuk Zakaria Man, when met outside the state assembly yesterday, said the locations were selected based on the number of accidents recorded there.
He said many fatal accidents were recorded in the Segamat-Kuantan Highway, so there was a need to install AES there.

Source From: New Straits Times

2,000 in Selangor snapped by AES cameras and summoned

KAJANG: Over 2,000 people were summoned in Selangor for allegedly being caught on Automated Enforce-ment System (AES) cameras, with 1,760 called to the Court here.
However, only 58 turned up in court, with arrest warrants being issued for the rest.
They were all summoned after allegedly being captured speeding by a single AES camera located on the North-South Expressway.
Of that, 40 pleaded guilty, with magistrate Abdul Jalil Salam Muhammad sentencing them to fines ranging from RM300 to RM350.
Of the remaining 18 people, eight requested another date to appear in court while others claimed trial.
The court set Jan 9 and 14 to hear their case.
They were represented by Mohd Fikah Sanusi, while prosecuting officer Saharudin Safirol represented the prosecution.
Meanwhile, in Sepang, 655 people were summoned to court for similar offences, with only 25 people appearing.
Fifteen people pleaded guilty, with judge Ahmad Fairuz Mohd Fuzi, sitting as a magistrate, fining 10 of them RM300 and letting the other five off with warnings.
A total of 1,093 people are expected to be summoned for AES offences in Kajang and 312 to Sepang on Dec 12.
In KUALA LUMPUR, 42 out of 731 people summoned for AES offences appeared in court.
Of that, 40 pleaded guilty before Magistrate Noorasyikin Mahat, with 30 being sentenced to an RM300 fine, and the rest let off with a warning.
Source From : The Star

Another AES Camera vandalised

IRRESPONSIBLE ACT: Third incident in a week

SUNGKAI: ANOTHER Automated Enforcement System (AES) camera was vandalised, here, yesterday even as the authorities investigate a similar incident which occurred in Selangor over the weekend.
In the latest incident, the camera, located at Km80 of the Sungkai-Slim River federal road near Kampung Hendra, was sprayed with black paint. This is the third incident reported in less than a week.
On Saturday, cameras at Km301.7 of the North-South Expressway and Km6.6 of the South Klang Valley Expressway were sprayed with red paint.
It is learnt the camera in Sungkai, which malfunctioned last week, was programmed to capture motorists travelling at more than 60km per hour.
Motorist Abdul Rahman Talib, 45, expressed regret at this act of vandalism as the camera was put up to save lives.
"The act was probably done at night when traffic was light."
He hoped the camera would be repaired soon as motorists tended to speed at that stretch, ignoring the safety of nearby villagers.
In Selangor, state deputy police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan said police were working on several leads to bring to book those who vandalised the cameras.
The Selangor government has said it will assist police in the investigations.
Its executive councillor in charge of local councils, Ronnie Liu, said that despite the state government's protest against the setting up of the AES cameras, the Sepang Municipal Council would help police in finding the perpetrators, as the cameras were located in its jurisdiction.
"Those with leads can contact e Sepang municipal council as we have a unit to monitor the situation." Additional reporting by Akil Yunus

Source From : New Straits Times

AES Detector v1.1.1 released

Dear All AES Detecter Users,

Here are the changes for version v1.1.1 :

- Fixed continuing beeping alert issue
- Enlarge camera distance font size as requested by user.
- Upgrade adobe air v3.5

Please update to get the latest patch.
Thanks for your support.

JPJ to proceed with AES

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will proceed with its decision to install the Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras at 831 locations nationwide before the end of next year for the safety of road users.

Director-General Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said although the move was opposed by various quarters, even becoming politicised, the JPJ was adamant in implementing the system which was currently used in several developed countries.

“We will not postpone our plan to implement the AES because it is a noble effort,” he told reporters before holding a closed- door meeting with state JPJ officers here today.

He said currently 14 AES units had been installed, with seven in Perak, Selangor (two) and five in the federal territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, apart from four mobile AES units.

According to Solah, since the implementation of AES on Sept 23, the rate of traffic offences at various strategic locations had been reduced by 75%.

Meanwhile, he said they were ready to meet political party representatives to clarify the objectives of the AES' implementation.

“If there are individuals who want to meet us, the JPJ is willing to oblige,” he said when asked to comment on allegations that the system had become politicised.

He said the department was conducting a nationwide tour to meet with government department representatives at the central and state level, as well as non-governmental organisations to explain the function of AES and how it benefited motorists.

Commenting on AES units which were vandalised at two locations in Selangor, he said such incidents were expected, having occurred to other public properties.

“There will always be people for and against the (AES) ... such incidents are expected as they also occur in other countries,” he added. - Bernama

Source From : The Star

AES Well Received In Kedah - RTD

ALOR SETAR, Dec 9 (Bernama) -- The proposed installation of the Automatic Enforcement System (AES) at 86 locations in Kedah has been well received and supported by many parties in the state including the Kedah State Government administration officers.

State Road Transport Department (RTD) director Ahmad Musadad Sulaiman said there were many positive responses and people were aware the system was aimed at ensuring road safety.

 "I met with the public and department heads in Kedah. They've asked for the AES to be installed quickly as it is a good move.

The state government officers also support the system, saying it's a good thing," he told reporters after a briefing on the implementation of the AES for federal department heads and the media, here today.

There have been no objections from the state government leaders on the matter as well, he said.
He added that the RTD was also prepared to meet any state government representative for a full briefing on the system, if needed.

 The state RTD had identified 60 locations for speeding and 26 traffic lights and will decide a suitable date for installation , he said.

 Source From : BERNAMA
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