Urgently need Slim River GPS Point !!

Dear all users,

I would like to apologies for a case happened to our user who just received his AES summons.
According to the user reported in the article , the AES Detector somehow have slow alert sound (After pass the camera 1-200m only show alert) .  For full article, can read from this link,this is in chinese writing: http://cforum.cari.com.my/portal.php?mod=view&aid=19751

Please be carefully when u passby this point KM 376, L/Raya PLUS - Slim River. Slow down your car when AES alert you from 1km away. Besides, hope you can print screen the correct GPS point, so that i can amend it into AES Detector database.

Hope all the location mentioned in AES Location Update Status can be verified immediately during this long holiday. Appreciate your support. Thanks

Kevin Chua
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25 October 2012 at 19:17

Mr Chua ...certain model of samsung not compatible with the software. How? Iam using Galaxy Y. Please!!!

26 October 2012 at 12:01

unfortunately i didnt go through Highway at slim river yesterday, waze asked me to use the old road but i really glad i did. anyway, some feedback, none of the cameras detected is there, i know this is because of the locations announced by JPJ but has not been installed.

One question:
Does the apps know which lane I am at? meaning if the AES system is installed on the opposite lane, does it still alert me or not?

One suggestion for improvement:
Can you linked the GPS coordinate with the actual speed limit at that location? And announce during detection what is the speed limit that we are suppose to be. even better in the future is that have the app to calculate the car speed via GPS and alert the user how much km/h is the user above the limit.

Anyway thank you very much for this app, im sure a lot of people will be saved from AES. I would even pay for the app if it supports better development. Thanks again.

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